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Hej! Or, hello.

All the way from Denmark, we are proud to bring a quality hair care range to hairdressers and hair care fans alike. We aim to deliver hair care with the least harmful, most natural ingredients possible – finding the right balance between what’s good for your clients’ scalp with the best hues and saturation.

You don’t have to be a huge salon to stock our range. Are you a mobile hairdresser or small business owner? We would love you to become a stockist; with no pressure from onsite sales reps, online video support available from hairdressers like you and quality products for you and your customers, we can’t wait to have you join the idHair family.

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In harmony with nature

Elements Xclusive

Hair products, blueberries, and sunflower seeds? Fun combination, isn’t it? These delicious ingredients have fantastic properties and are both colour-protecting, antioxidant-rich, and reparative..